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About us

City Cleaning Equipment

Who Are We?

City Clean was founded in 2015 and it's a subsidiary of AKC Group of companies who are leading supplier in the cleaning sector.
City Clean is a concept of where we provide the real professional cleaning equipment and tools to the people for their home, it's now serving two different communities in UAE and Bahrain.

Normal commercial cleaning tools, can last no longer than what you would expect it to last, and will only do half of the job, while professional equipment is always designed to save the time and give a better result, that was our motivation that everyone have the right to access those tools.

Being a part of a large organization makes it more efficient for the end user to find the right product with exceptional price and an outstanding after sale service.

Handled in our


SQFT state of the art newly opened logistic center selling


items in our inventory.

Operating in 3 countries

Throughout 6 Companies

From 9 showrooms that cover over 15000 SQFT

And 25 Sales Experts

Imported from 21 countries around the globe