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Module System Sweeper up to 2000 sqm

Sweeper Module System upto 2000 sqm


The MS03 sweeper combines the innovative concept of the module system with all advantages of the unique TRS principle. The tandem roller sweepers eliminate debris particularly thoroughly, from dust particles to beverage cans.

In a single operation, two counter rotating brush rollers transport the debris into the waste container using the throw principle. Whether the MS03 as a manual hand sweeper for coarse dirt in outdoor areas or the MS03 which cleans particularly dust-free:

The 4 variants are comfortable to use, even for corners and edges, they are high-performance, flexible – and of course can be extended from manual to a battery-powered hand sweeper with brush drive and dust extraction.

  • Manual drive
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor areas
  • Tandem roller system (TWS)
  • Maintenance-free chain drive
  • Shock-resistant plastic
  • Optimum absorption of coarse and fine dirt

The Matrix MTX 900 TRS
Power Supply / Engine Manually
Sweeping System Tandem Roller System (TRS)
Sweeping Path Without Side Brooms 500 mm
Sweeping with 1/2 Side Brooms 700 / 900 mm
Power Transmission Chain
Theoretical Sweeping Performance 3150 m2/h
Practical Sweeping Performance 1890 m2/h (60%)
Net Cleaning Surface up to 2000 sqm
Dirt Collector Volume 50 Liters
Autonomy Optional up to 4, 5 h
Automatic Main Broom Drive Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1091 x 760 x 416 mm
Weight 30 kg
Suction System Optional
Filter Surface upto 1, 3 sqm
Filter Cleaning Mechanism Optional Mechanical
Operational Area Car Park, Carpet, Garage, Production Area, Sales Floor etc

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